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AUTOSORT™, The most powerful multifunctional sorting system worldwide

Maximize operational efficiency and profits with the ultimate all-rounder in sorting

Multifunctional sensor configuration

Optimized costs & performance

Highly efficient FLYING BEAM™

Future-proof system design

Minimal maintenance

The world-renowned AUTOSORT™ offers legendary sorting performance that stands the test of time, delivering unparalleled throughput and purity rates across numerous applications. Compact and ultra-flexible in design, the multifunctional sorting system integrates seamlessly into both new and existing plants.

AUTOSORT™ combines a variety of leading-edge features in one machine with a flexible sensor configuration for a future-proof sorting system that meets the challenges of a dynamic market landscape. The sorting unit delivers exceptional performance and operational efficiency thanks to its homogeneous light distribution for improved detection and monitoring across the entire belt width.

Optional add-on technologies expand material identification capabilities for traditionally undetectable fractions like black polymers. What’s more, AUTOSORT™ now comes with the option to connect to our secure, cloud-based data monitoring platform. TOMRA Insight is an add-on service that digitally connects sorting units to provide high-value data that helps you maximize plant throughput and boost output quality.


SHARP EYE Technology



TOMRA Insight

AUTOSORT™, The most powerful multifunctional sorting system worldwide


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