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Automated Pre-Roll Tube and Tray Loading Systems

Automated pre-roll tube loading and tray loading systems from Canapa by Paxiom are designed to get pre-rolls retail-ready.

Fully customizable to meet the exact needs of its pre-roll clients, both systems integrate seamlessly with its industry leading JuanaRoll pre-roll machine as well as other brands of semi-automatic machines and manual joint filling processes.

When paired with the fully automatic JuanaRoll, Canapa’s tube loading system uses the intelligent elevating conveyor to automatically convey pre-rolls up to their inspection conveyor to be inspected and check-weighed prior to being robotically or manually loaded into tubes, capped and sealed. For those operations using semiautomatic or manual pre-roll filling processes, Canapa has designed this system to be manually fed or partnered with a SCARA robotic pre-roll loader.

Canapa pre-roll tray filling solutions apply the same principle as the tube loading system. Pre-rolls are conveyed, weighed, and inspected prior to being delicately placed into the client’s tray by a customized SCARA robot. This system is driven by a Vision camera system to ensure precise pre-roll placement into the designated tray packing pattern.


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