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JTW Metals Ltd put their new Lefort Konkest TRAX 600 to work

JTW Metals Ltd of Lanesfield, West Midlands were pleased to welcome the arrival of their first shear baler, a Lefort TRAX 600.

The machine was delivered just 2 weeks before the firms 12th Birthday. The machine was put to work the same day and is transforming the production process at its Lanesfield yard.

This TRAX 600 has plenty of room in the yard to track to the product that requires processing. Once completed, it then returns to process its regular product. This is what makes the Lefort TRAX 600 a very versatile, time saving and efficient production machine for its owner.Another happy customer, moving his business forward with a Lefort TRAX 600.

Tech Spec : Cutting force 600T , 6 metre box and very versatile around the yard.


  • Lanesfield, Wolverhampton, UK
  • Lefort