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Industry Leaders, Innovators and Investors at Manifest 2023

Bastian Solutions is excited to join supply chain and logistics professionals for the second annual Manifest trade show, the premiere gathering of industry leaders, innovators and investors for a showcase of innovation and transformation across the logistics and supply chain tech industry. Manifest brings unprecedented access to the people and technologies changing the way the world moves.

What to Expect at the Show

Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with Bastian experts and explore different logistics and supply chain knowledge that can funnel into their business.

. Cutting-edge topics and world-class insights from over 250 speakers across 120 sessions

. Explore autonomous vehicles, drones and robotics that are changing the way the world moves

. Dedicated ‘Start-up Stage’ featuring presentations from across the globe

The Future of Logistics

Manifest 2023 is described as ‘The Future of Logistics is Here’ bringing together numerous industries, technologies and solutions that are the forefront of the changing logistics landscape. In ecommerce and omnichannel, alone, we’ve seen numerous changes, from faster delivery needs or needing to consolidate and revise fulfillment operations, for example.

. Ecommerce fulfillment – Fueled by convenience, speed and delivery, the needs to meet ecommerce demand call for equally fast and reliable solution. To give customers the fastest shipping, order accuracy and turnaround times expected, our experts work to analyze and identify opportunities for automation to deliver operational improvements. Internal visibility to ecommerce operations with advanced software will maximize efficiency and actionable insights. We are committed to helping our customers find and implement the appropriate combination of technologies and services to meet their current needs and long-term goals.

. Omnichannel fulfillment – Being able to serve multiple channels from one warehouse facility can be an added benefit for many companies; creating efficiencies from storage, order picking and more. We also know that with this consolidated strategy come challenges such as managing different order sources, seasonality needs and inventory control. Our consultants consider a customer’s whole operation when reviewing data and identifying goods to person technology opportunities that support higher throughput, scalability and improved service. Understanding order cycle times and delivery routes will help make distribution and fulfillment prioritization more accessible. We look to provide our customers with a strong foundation that allows them to pivot when needed. With appropriate planning, your updated automated process can save time and reduce costs - while ensuring your customers' needs and expectations are met.

As an independent integrator, Bastian Solutions draws from decades of experience in various industries as well as an array of the best technologies from world-class suppliers to provide a solution that supports your current and future goals.

Emerging technologies like robotic bin picking and autonomous vehicles, as well as staple technologies like conveyor and sortation systems offer numerous of options to help tackle and harness the challenges of today’s consumer needs.

Understanding that automation isn't always enough to provide an effective and future-proof solution, our experts take a a holistic approach to system design. We assess the economic and operational viability of equipment and process flows to meet your company’s vision.

Find Your Solution

We invite you to meet with our experts at booth #435 to learn about our services and technologies and how they can help you meet your business objectives. Click here to schedule a meeting with a Bastian expert

Visit the Manifest website to register and find more information about the show.


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