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Deere Upgrades ADTs to P Tier

NEW: John Deere articulated dump trucks have been updated from series E-II into the performance tier (P Tier). The move includes all the ADT models: 260, 310, 410, and 460.

Standard on the P-Tier ADTs include onboard features such as rollover protection, downhill dump protection, frame protection, hill hold, shuttle shifting, and descent control.

Updates include external styling and interior cab layout, as well optional packages including packages for enhanced operator comfort, cold weather conditions, debris management, and maintenance and service capabilities. The first trim package option offers familiar features such as a black exhaust stack, manually adjusted rear view mirrors and temperature controls, a standard seat and radio, a 15-amp converter, and halogen vehicle lights.

The second trim package offers a chrome exhaust stack, power adjusted rear view mirrors, a premium seat and radio, a 25-amp converter, automatic temperature control in the operator’s station, and LED vehicle lights.

Deere 260 ADT Specs

. Power: 321 hp @ 1,900 rpm

. Rated payload: 53,334 lb.

. Heaped capacity: 19.6 cu. yd.

Deere 310 ADT Specs

. Power: 264 hp @ 1,900 rpm

. Rated payload: 62,005 lb.

. Heaped capacity: 22.9 cu. yd.

Deere 410 ADT Specs

. Power: 441 hp @ 1,700 rpm

. Rated payload: 82,157 lb.

. Heaped capacity: 30.0 cu. yd.

Deere 460 ADT Specs

. Power: 481 hp @ 1,700 rpm

. Rated payload: 92,197 lb.

. Heaped capacity: 32.9 cu. yd.


  • Moline, IL, USA
  • John Deere