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Scrubmaster B75i

Autonomous scrubber-drier

Whether equipped with disc brushes or a cylindrical brush with two additional side brooms: the Scrubmaster B75i cleans taught routes autonomously, reliably and safely. The 3D camera system and certified LiDAR sensors not only enable efficient navigation, but also comply with safety standards. Both operation and teaching new routes is simple and intuitive. Another benefit: for quick cleaning jobs in between, the Scrubmaster B75i can also be operated manually as a conventional walk-behind scrubber-drier – ergonomically thanks to the extendable handle.

. Autonomous driving and cleaning with innovative, image-processing technology

. Simple, intuitive route teach-in

. Compliance with safety standards

. With disc or cylindrical brush

. Can also be used as a conventional walk-behind scrubber-drier

. Ergonomic in manual operation

Technology that understands!

The operator

Smart interface between man and machine: the 8-inch touchscreen for user-friendly operation and programming of the Scrubmaster B75i.

The requirements

Right for every environment: depending on the floor type and degree of soiling, the Scrubmaster B75i can be equipped with a disc or cylindrical brush system.

The future

The next step: for even more autonomy, Hako is already developing complementary systems such as a home base for battery charging, automatic recovery tank emptying and filling of the solution tank with fresh water.

Highlights of the Scrubmaster B75i

Always the right system: variant with cylindrical brush and two additional side brooms or equipped with a disc brush system.

Saves time: the cylindrical brush and side brooms allow sweeping and wet cleaning in a single working step.

Quickly clean, quickly dry: the recovered water is collected via the squeegee.

The future is so simple: the 8-inch LCD panel clearly displays all relevant information and is easy and intuitive to use.

Designed for the challenges of the future

In addition to the cost effectiveness and efficiency of cleaning machines, the demands for sustainability, environmental protection and occupational health and safety are becoming ever louder – both from the legal and customer side. For us, autonomous cleaning systems are a further, consistent step towards meeting all demands with intelligent, future-proof technology.

No human touch: autonomous cleaning systems are not only a good answer to the increasing shortage of skilled workers, but also to the challenges of our time. Because they not only relieve the cleaning staff, but also minimise their contact with possibly contaminated liquids.

More hygiene: Hako-AntiBac®, which equips the tanks with antibacterial properties, reduces fungal and bacterial growth, odour development, and the consumption of tank cleaning disinfectants.

True to the route: autonomous cleaning systems follow the taught route with high repeat accuracy. This not only results in improved cleaning results, but also significantly reduces water consumption and the consumption of chemicals, electricity and materials.

The life cycle in view: when developing our machines, we think from start to finish – from production with environmentally-friendly, CO2-saving processes in modern plants to economic, environmentally friendly use, recycling and disposal.

Technical data

The Scrubmaster B75i at a glance

Scrubmaster B75 i

Working width disc brush / cylindrical brush cm 65 / 54

Effective squeegee width cm 76

Theoretical area performance disc brush / cylindrical brush m²/h 2,340 / 1,980

Solution tank /Recovery tank l 75 / 75

Battery Lithium

Theoretical running time (depending on the battery) min 120 to 180

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 105 x 74.5 x 120

Total weight max. (abhängig von Batterie) kg 330

Scrubmaster B75i


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  • Hako GmbH