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Centrifuge Reclaims Cutting Fluids from Chips

PRAB’s diagonal-shaft centrifuge/wringer, available as part of its E-series chip processing system, achieves process rates ranging to 10,000 lbs/hr

The centrifuge is designed to add value to scrap metal while reclaiming as much as 98 percent of cutting fluids from wet chips. In addition, dry chips ensure compliance with EPA regulations when transporting for recycling. The company says that processing chips and fluid prior to transport saves floor space within the plant, provides higher market value for scrap metal and reduces fluid disposal costs. The centrifuge’s diagonal design works with gravity to feed wet chips from an input conveyor. The straight-line feed eliminates choke points and eases uninterrupted material flow. Once loaded, centrifugal motion within the rotating bowl creates 700 G of force, driving chips and fluid up the bowl liner. Fluids are then extracted through the bar screen and diverted for reclamation. Dry chips discharge for recycling, or they can be briquetted and stored for future sales.


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