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New 3D Printed Houses from Construction Company COBOD International

3D Printhuset, the Danish 3D printing supplier, has announced that it has created a new construction printing company called COBOD International. With this news, the company also launched drone footage of the BOD, its first 3D printed building.

3D Printhuset is transferring its construction 3D printing activities over to a new company of its own creation called COBOD. The new company’s assets now include The BOD, the first fully permitted 3D printed building in Europe, and the BOD2 construction 3D printer.

The decision to separate the 3D construction printing activities by creating the new company was due to increased demand for construction printers. In fact, earlier this year, 3D Printhuset won a comprehensive EU tender process to be the construction 3D printing supplier for the Belgian company, Kamp C.

Now COBOD will be responsible for selling and manufacturing the BOD2 3D construction printer. This printer is ten times faster and newly improved compared to the previous model, the BOD1. It also boasts a print speed of one meter per second and was used to print The BOD.

3D Construction Printing Receives Lots of Attention

The company’s new name is an abbreviation for COnstruction Building On Demand. The 3D Printhuset team wanted to come up with something which made reference to construction and referenced the BOD house.

Better yet, Asger Dath, Communication Manager, adds, that it also sounds like “robot” which, of course, is much of the company’s dealings.

To give more of an understanding as to why the company has separated, Henrik Lund-Nielsen, CEO of COBOD International explained: “With the large demand that we have seen for our 3D construction printing offer, including for our state of the art BOD2 construction printer, but also for our know-how and courses on 3D construction printing, these activities grew to deserve their own dedicated company. 3D Printhuset are doing multiple other successful activities besides from 3D construction printing, but lately, we got so much attention to the 3D construction printing that some started to believe that we no longer did the other activities. Hence it made sense to separate out all the 3D construction printing activities in a new company only dedicated to 3D construction printing and I will personally take charge of the new company as the CEO due to the huge growth potential, which COBOD has.”

COBOD now has offices as well as test and lab facilities located in downtown Copenhagen. A warehouse and the BOD building are located at the Copenhagen Harbour.

New 3D Printed Houses from Construction Company COBOD International


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