Rugged HMIs GT25 Series for Outdoor Use

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
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Mitsubishi Electric Automation introduced its GT25 Series rugged HMIs designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions where exposure to harsh elements is inevitable.

These rugged HMIs are reinforced with a metal housing and equipped with an extra bright screen visible under direct sunlight. It can function at temperatures between -5 and 150° F (-20 to 65° C) and is resistant to vibration and shock.

The metal housing also protects the internal components from direct blasts from high-pressure water jets and UV rays.

The hardware functionality includes flexible configuration, a convenient maintenance platform, remote connectivity, expanded memory (32MB ROM for storage; 128MB RAM for operation) and device monitoring functions.

Two integrated Ethernet ports allow connection to two separate networks, and GOT Mobile enables remote access, allowing users to view data in real time or operate the system using a mobile device.

Rugged HMIs GT25 Series for Outdoor Use