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Premium Load Pins

Premium Load Pins ideal for suspended weighing applications. Capacities range from 5 ton - 100 ton.

New Zealand manufacturer with over 35 years experience. 3-year warranty on all Load Pins and Load Cells

Shipping as quick as 2-4 business days for standard items in stock.

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Load Pin & Shackle Pin
Load Pin & Shackle Pin

he SLSP Stainless Steel Sensor Pin series of load measurement pins are designed for general use. They are machined from high tensile stainless steel and are normally supplied complete with anti-rotation flats or plates. The standard sensor pin is supplied exactly as per the technical data sheet and is ordered by specific part number for each capacity. However the nature and style of the SLSP product means that just about any existing structural pin or a new design concept pin can be manufactured. We meet many customers’ specific dimensional requirements and have huge databases of past sensor pin designs, many of which may suit your specific requirements without alteration. The SLSP Standard Series can be supplied as shown in the SLSP Standard Series datasheet (as below) or it can be modified to meet a particular application requirement. We are always pleased to discuss any special requirements that can be accommodated. The SLSP series can be supplied as is or combined with our extensive range of instrumentation to provide a complete load monitoring system. Specifications may vary depending upon installation and loading specifics. The mating connector accommodates PT cable packs diameter 4 ~ 8mm (not supplied). For 6 wire cables connect the appropriate Sense and excitation wires to the same connector terminal.

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