PT Limited’s exceptional system for Vessel Weighing

Kate Chapman
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Vessel weighing made easy

Tank level awareness has never been easier than with PT Limited’s complete kit for vessel weighing. Knowing the vessel level will eliminate guesswork and can benefit the reordering process. Switches, alarms or lights can be activated by an output from the indicator to create awareness when a vessel reaches the desired capacity. Ideal for remote locations, a system can be completely controlled from a distance.

The system is made up of our Accupoint Weigh Module®, PT210 Digital Indicator, and PT100SSB-4 Summing Box; a popular solution for vessel weighing.

The Accupoint epitomizes quality and incorporates a high level of protection, sealed to IP68. Available in nine capacities from 100kg to 25t, typically weighing up to 200 tonnes in a standard four support vessel.

The PT210 is a smart digital indicator with powerful PLC integration commonly used for tank weighing. Not only housed in stainless steel and OIML approved, but also offering up to four digital inputs and five relay outputs. PT210 is programmable via PC and features adaptive filtering for fast settling and a speed of up to 1600 conversions per second.


RS-232C, RS-485

Analogue output

Ethernet TCP/IP

Modbus RTU




The PT100SSB-4 Summing Box keeps load cell cables tidy and only requires one cable to be attached to the indicator. This makes wiring into the connectors easier. PT100SSB-4 is high quality with individual load cell adjustment and housed in stainless steel.

Vessel Weighing Kit
Vessel Weighing Kit

Complete kit for vessel weighing including Accupoint Weigh Module (load cell), PT210 (digital indicator) and PT100SSB-4 (summer box)

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