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If you are new to workplace noise measurement, choosing the perfect tool for your application can be quite confusing and time-consuming. Our latest online Noise at Work Wizard will help you take the first step towards reviewing your measurement needs and achieving compliance.

Workplace Noise Control Legislation is becoming increasingly complex but also more widespread. Therefore, it is important to gain as much information and data on the type of noise measurement equipment available to safety professionals prior to making your definitive choice. The Pulsar Noise at Work Wizard has been designed exactly for that purpose.

In the health and safety sector, we are constantly reminded that noise measurement is only one of the many tasks that need to be implemented to achieve compliance in the workplace. Such a user requires measurement tools that can perform this duty with accuracy, a minimum of training and simplicity of use. As such, Pulsar Instruments offer an extensive range of simple to use noise measurement products to help health and safety professionals monitor, record and control noise levels at work. These products can form part of an effective noise measurement strategy to help safeguard employees’ hearing and avoid costly compensation claims for noise-induced hearing loss.

With the Pulsar range, users can choose between data logging or non-data logging products, handheld meters or devices worn on the person such as noise dosemeters and noise-activated warning systems. The Pulsar team will be happy to recommend which product is best once they have gained a better understanding of the user’s workplace, machinery and the type of work involved.

Ever since it was formed nearly 50 years ago, Pulsar Instruments have focused on designing and manufacturing noise at work measurement products that are above all affordable, robust, easy to use, yet accurate; always fully complying with the latest applicable legislation and standards – today IEC 61672.

So, if you are looking to implement a noise measurement strategy at work and comply with the Control Noise at Work Regulations (2005), why not take the first step and check our latest online Noise at Work Wizard?

Noise at Work Wizard

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