Pulsar Instruments - Celebrates 50th Anniversary as Noise Measurement Experts

Pulsar Instruments
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Trusted global noise measurement experts since 1969

Since its beginnings as a wholly engineer-led concern in Silicon Valley, California in 1969, Pulsar Instruments has represented the gold standard for noise measurement and has contributed significantly to a change in the way noise, and in particular noise at work, is currently monitored, helping protect worker’s hearing and improving the quality of their environment.

Pulsar Instruments has been was responsible for a number of world firsts and key innovations in the field of noise measurement including being the first company to display the maximum sound exposure time allowed on a coloured scale as well as the actual sound level – a revolutionary idea at the time but now relied upon by Health and Safety professionals around the world and since replicated by all of their competitors. It also pioneered the use of integrated circuitry in place of discrete transistors and fitted it all into a beautiful moulded case.

World Firsts Include:

- In 1970 it was the first company to display sound exposure times on the scale of the sound level meter as well as the sound level – at the time a revolutionary idea.

- It pioneered the use of integrated circuitry in place of discrete transistors

- It designed the first instrument to be “styled” with coloured scales and fitted it into beautiful moulded cases – previously bent metal cases were commonplace.

- In 1974 it developed the world’s first true linear scaled meter.

- In 1977 it produced the first instrument designed for a world market meeting the new international standards of the time.

- In 1982 Pulsar seconded their Chief Engineer to the International Standards body (IEC) and he, with three other British engineers, were responsible for much of the IEC's noise measurement standard IEC 61672.

Noise Measurement Experts since 1969
Noise Measurement Experts since 1969

Celebrating our 50th anniversary as trusted global noise measurement instrument suppliers and experts.

We are golden!

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