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SHINE launched a solution to detect waste gas from medical waste !

SHINE launched a solution to detect waste gas from medical waste !

A novel coronavirus infection was reported in various regions of China in the year 2020. With the spread of the epidemic and the promotion of prevention and control work, medical waste is constantly generated.

Medical waste, commonly known as the "top killer", is the last line of defense for the epidemic prevention and control work, because they can infect pathogens, viruses, chemical pollutants and other harmful substances, which requires professional skills and extreme care.According to incomplete statistics, the new amount of medical waste in Wuhan is more than 10 tons / day.

The commonly used medical waste treatment methods are:

1. High temperature steam sterilization;

2. Pyrolysis and incineration;

3. Dry chemical disinfection;

4. Microwave sterilization technology;

5. Electric arc furnace treatment technology.

Among the above methods, high temperature steam sterilization, dry chemical sterilization and microwave sterilization are suitable for recyclable articles with low treatment efficiency, and are not suitable for the treatment of pathological, pharmaceutical and chemical wastes; the electric arc furnace equipment consumes a large amount of electricity, and is not suitable for long-term continuous operation. Most of the medical wastes in this outbreak are primary protective articles related to virus protection, and the most suitable and thorough disposal method is pyrolysis and incineration.

However, pyrolysis incineration also has the risk of secondary pollution: a large number of acid gases (hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride) and incomplete combustion of organic components and slag are generated by incineration, and direct discharge will cause secondary pollution. It needs to be detected by ion chromatography.

For the detection of hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride, the ion chromatography technology has been very mature; and it can complete the detection of two items by one sampling, greatly reducing the detection and response time, with obvious technical advantages.


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