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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Thursday will see the opening of GIS Expo 2019 fair at the Piacenza exhibition center. The fair will last three days, from 3 to 5 October, and will be open from 9 to 18. RAASM exhibits in Hall 2, Stand O27, but why invest time and money to visit us? Give us another minute and you'll find out.

Centralized lubrication systems: high technology and efficiency designed for the automatic lubrication of moving parts that generate friction. RAASM exhibits 4 different centralized lubrication systems: single line system, dual line system, multi-delivery and progressive. We have two working panels that will allow you to understand this technology, ready to film them?

Diaphragm pumps: touch and grasp the secrets of RAASM diaphragm pumps. Unlike other types of pumps, the diaphragm pump for liquids has no limits to its use, also adapting to dry running, mixing fluids, self-priming and submerged.

Hose reels and cable reels: the hose and cable reels are an indispensable device in the management of fluids that only if properly designed can satisfy the customer's needs for a long time. RAASM makes reels one of its core business, offering a wide and satisfactory range of solutions for every application. At the fair we will be presenting a wide range of articles, test them one by one!

RAASM technicians and sales staff: for us one-to-one human relationship is fundamental and vital: even before choosing our article, choose our philosophy, our vision, our availability; test us and come to know our staff at the stand.

Finally, are you curious to find out what will be the technical novelty that RAASM has specifically studied for the GIS visitors? It will be an interesting surprise, we assure you!

So, see you in Piacenza, good fair and good visit to all!


  • Via Marangoni, 33, 36022 Cassola VI, Italy