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VCR Handy - Ready To Go mini vertical CNC cutting machine for foam

Have you ever dreamt about an automatic foam cutting machine, compact to be installable almost everywhere, easy to operate and fast to setup like a manual vertical cutter?

The new RAM VCR Handy can do all this for real.

Into a more and more digital, connected and automated foam converting world, it is surprising to mention several tasks that still must be executed manually, in poor safety conditions and requiring skilled and experienced operators: when it comes to manufacture a single prototype, a very small series of products, or to give a valuable new life to irregular foam pieces or waste parts, the simplest manual vertical cutters are still the preferred choice by the professional users.

All this is now going to change: the brand-new vertical contour cutting machine RAM VCR Handy has been conceived to safely and rapidly support our users on all the tasks they are now inappropriately performing on vertical cutters, with inaccurate results and a high level of danger.

The extremely reachable design of the new VCR Handy allows an unmatched practicality of use, without compromises, making this machine the most natural extension of the operator’s mind and body thanks to the WYSIWYG concept (What You See Is What You Get) applied for the first time in the foam cutting business

A quick acquiring system for physical mockups import, a responsive way for creating layouts and cutting paths in just a few clicks directly on the machine, an in a glance predictive material referencing system: all these are applying the mini RAM VCR Handy automatic vertical CNC machine to compete with the apparently unbeatable quick setup times of the manual vertical cutters, finally overcoming the complications that arise when trying these tasks on the standard sized automatic CNC machines, designed to achieve the maximum possible throughput instead.

The brand-new RAM VCR Handy is finally here.


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