RHEINTACHO Employees Select their Product of the Year

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RT STROBE super qbLED – not a laser sword, but a powerful laser strobe!

In the unofficial, informal vote for Product of the Year, the international trade fair visitors of 2015, RHEINTACHO employees and global distribution partners voted by a large majority for a portable LED stroboscope: RT STROBE super qbLED – the perfect supplement to the existing product line.

This hand-held stroboscope, which is exceptionally bright thanks to its 118 high-power LEDs, has an outstanding technical highlight, for which RHEINTACHO has applied for a patent. This is the auto-sync laser function. By means of a far-reaching transmission/reception system based on lasers, the flash rate of the stroboscope is synchronised automatically. The system operates to a distance of up to 3 metres, depending on ambient conditions.

How exactly does this auto-sync laser function work?

A laser beam sent from the stroboscope is reflected by a reflective tape back to the recipient cell on the front side of the stroboscope. As a result, the control of the stroboscope calculates the rotation rate of the object, feeds in the flash frequency of the stroboscope and outputs it again as a precisely measured value. Through this integrated optical tachometer/stroboscope, this value is absolutely precise and reliable in terms of process. Fluctuating rotational speeds are not a problem. Through the instantaneous control of the flash rate, the user always has the benefit of redundant detection.

The complete press release can be found on our homepage.

RHEINTACHO Employees Select their Product of the Year

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