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Twelve models right from the outset

As the first manufacturer worldwide, RINGSPANN is launching an online shop for freewheels

With the launch of its new online shop for freewheels, RINGSPANN is making life easier for all purchasers and engineers in drive engineering. In addition to the company’s more than 100-page long product catalogue, you can now click your way through the entire RINGSPANN range of internal freewheels with nominal torques ranging from 325 to 20,500 Nm. The standard freewheels from all other classes will follow successively over the course of the coming months.

Bad Homburg, March 2018. – RINGSPANN has launched the first stage of its new online shop for freewheels. As the first freewheels manufacturer worldwide, the company thus provides designers and technical purchasers in drive engineering with a modern internet platform where they can choose the right backstops, overrunning or indexing freewheels from RINGSPANN’s range of internal freewheels with just a few clicks. All twelve models of this freewheel type are available right from the outset. This means specifically that visitors to the new online shop can already choose from 160 different sizes with nominal torques ranging from 325 to 20,500 Nm. “The launch of the first stage of our freewheel online shop at is yet another important service measure on our way to becoming a full-range supplier for high-quality components of industrial drive engineering”, stresses Thomas Heubach, director of the freewheels division at RINGSPANN.

Prices, quantities, availability

The new freewheel online shop by RINGSPANN features an intuitive design and a high level of transparency. It clearly and comprehensibly leads sourcing managers and purchasers through the current range of RINGSPANN internal freewheels for torque transmission via press fit and keyway connection. At the touch of a button, the user can instantly find all decision-relevant information on prices, volume scaling, availabilities and delivery times. Short text boxes outline the typical applications and main technical features of all models and types. Engineers, developers and designers can also access the relevant data sheets, instruction manuals and 3D CAD models of the respective internal freewheels in all sections of the online shop. “Last but not least, with this new online shop we are realising yet another digital component of our company-wide Industry 4.0 strategy”, adds divisional manager Thomas Heubach.

Comprehensive and transparent

In the upcoming weeks and months, all other freewheel types in the RINGSPANN range will be following the example of the internal freewheels and finding their way into the new online shop, to ensure that by the end of the year what must be the most comprehensive internet platform on the selection and ordering of freewheels of all designs will be available. “If you want to be taken seriously as a full-range provider or one-stop supplier by the market, there is no way around providing a comprehensive and transparent presentation of your entire product portfolio, even in the B2B sector. Thanks to our new online freewheels shop, we are now a great deal closer to achieving this aim”, reaffirms RINGSPANN’s Thomas Heubach.

RINGSPANN’s new online shop will thus very soon be an essential source for selection and supply for all those sourcing managers and technicians who, in addition to internal freewheels, also require complete, housing, basic, integrated and cage freewheels for the realisation of backstops, overrunning or indexing kinematics in drive engineering units. As Thomas Heubach is keen to emphasise, however, the new freewheel online shop will not entirely replace the printed product catalogue: “We understand the RINGSPANN catalogues are important reference works for many customers who are reluctant to make do without them. However, we will in future be placing a greater emphasis on medial diversity in the presentation of our portfolio”.

RINGSPANN’s FN series internal freewheels


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