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Twenty live streams and lectures: This is how the industrial transformation is working today

Rittal, Eplan and German Edge Cloud present their latest solutions for industrial transformation at this year’s Hanover Trade Fair (12 to 16 April).

Online, via 20 live streamings and expert presentations, visitors will learn about what is now feasible in terms of digitisation. The companies will be using the slogan “Simplified. Done.“ in order to show how industrial engineering and manufacturing processes can be greatly accelerated.

The demand for digital solutions in industry is continuously increasing at a high level. What companies need are faster and more flexible solutions that offer clear efficiency effects. Added value is provided by things that work today and solve problems technically, economically and easily. At the “Hannover Messe Digital Edition 2021”, Rittal, Eplan and German Edge Cloud – three members of the Friedhelm Loh Group – will be presenting concrete, practical solutions for the industrial transformation.

Four highlights at a glance

Firstly, Rittal is showcasing new end-to-end engineering and automation solutions for machining enclosures with Eplan and the AX and KX enclosure platform for even more efficient panel building switchgear manufacturing.

Secondly, Eplan is presenting the first insights into its new platform, which heralds in a new era in engineering and advanced cloud services under Eplan ePulse.

Thirdly, German Edge Cloud is exhibiting its all-embracing Oncite solution, a rapidly deployable and data-secure edge and cloud solution for digitising industrial manufacturing processes. IBM has now expanded it to include its IBM Cloud Pak solution to integrate the appliance more flexibly into every manufacturing management level. This solution is already in use at Rittal’s Smart Factory in Haiger.

And fourthly, Rittal is showing its new RiMatrix Next Generation IT infrastructure platform, a modular system for flexible, secure, and rapid data centre deployment – from edge to hyperscale.

Deep dives and knowledge building through streaming

Trade visitors can find out about these breakthroughs and other new developments directly on the Hannover Messe portal through a total of 20 live streamings and expert presentations, including a Phoenix Contact paper on “Automation in the production environment”. Speakers from Rittal, Eplan and German Edge Cloud are giving answers to the questions that are currently being asked in the industry:

How can IIoT-based architectures be implemented efficiently and factories digitised in a data-sovereign manner while factory operators concentrate on their core business?

-How can panel building and switchgear manufacturing processes be made even faster to reduce costs further and enhance efficiency?

-What does future-oriented engineering through automation with modern methods and tools look like, and how does networked engineering function in the cloud?

-What impact do the current market developments in the energy sector have on panel building and switchgear manufacturing? What are the specific customer needs and solutions?

-What must IT infrastructure solutions offer so that they can map rapidly available and flexibly scalable applications for every IT scenario – from edge to hyperscale?

Interested persons can register free of charge on the Hannover Messe website at More information on all the topics is available on the companies' websites, and


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