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Rittal launches compact busbar system for up to 125 A
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Power distribution for the first time smart and small

With the RiLine Compact, Rittal is offering manufacturers of small controllers and switchgear an innovative and – above all – type-tested power distribution system for the first time. RiLine Compact is designed for mounting different versions of protective and switching devices on a system that is shock-hazard protected from the outset, and then to supply it with electrical energy. Its standardised and standards-compliant technology makes it suitable for use in controls for both the IEC and UL markets is easy.

Rittal is presenting its new “RiLine Compact System”. The name stands for a compact busbar system for controllers and switchgear with a maximum current up to 125 A, providing an utmost of contact hazard protection right from the start.

The innovation consists of a base plate, in which fully shock-hazard protected busbars are installed that can be easily contacted through a grid in the top cover. Various adapters are available that allow easy connection, so helping to mount control and protective devices. In addition, a adapter for connection to round conductors is available, as well as a variety of functional modules for motor and power control .

The RiLine Compact System shows its strengths in the rapid way it can be set up. The base plates themselves, as well as the system’s components, can be easily and safely installed without tools. The contact hazard protection means that the user is protected from live parts, right from the start. This increases safety, for both the system itself as well as the user, and it also saves time and costs.

Rittal launches compact busbar system for up to 125 A

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