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Sneeze guard / droplet guard for point of sale, open-plan offices and reception areas

On the safe side with a customisable sneeze guard

The protection of employees and customers from a corona infection is currently a priority. RK Rose+Krieger has developed a sneeze guard system which can be adapted individually in size and design to suit the local conditions. Whether it's a stand-up model for counters, partitions suspended from the ceiling made from transparent plastic (polycarbonate) or larger partitioning systems for supermarket checkout areas – everything can be implemented quickly and simply.

We are under ever-increasing attack from viruses, such as SARS, H1N1, influenza or the current Covid-19, which emerge in ever more aggressive forms. Protection against infection by airborne droplets has thus become extremely important – in particular at the point of sale, at reception desks, in medical practices, at pharmacies and in the checkout area in retail. However, partition panels are also a useful form of protection in open-plan offices if the required distances between workstations cannot be maintained. Stable, transparent partitions provide an effective barrier against airborne infection.

RK Rose+Krieger has been providing safety guards and partition systems for industrial use for many years. Based on this modular system RK has now conceptualised modules from aluminium tubes and transparent polycarbonate partitions which can be adapted individually to the respective situation. The product specialists at RK Rose+Krieger are on hand to provide advice. These sustainable solutions are available for order immediately.

If the basic versions listed in the following are not suitable for use, we will be happy to advise you and work on a special solution together with you. Contact us for further details!


• Simple setup and quick assembly

• Easy to clean

• Flexible dimensions and versions available for delivery

• Short delivery times and very good service

• Special versions (panels, colours, fastening, special dimensions) available for delivery

Sneeze guard / droplet guard for point of sale, open-plan offices and reception areas


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