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Linear, profile and connecting technology for hygienically sensitive areas

From the working platform system to the linear unit

Hygienically critical production areas make particular demands of the machines, systems and technical components used there. RK Rose+Krieger GmbH supplies a whole series of products for different hygiene standards in industry. The range covers everything from usages in cleanrooms in classes 1 to 9 to applications in food sectors.

With the ITAS series, RK Rose+Krieger supplies a stairs and working platform system which offers numerous benefits in the cleanroom: The components impress with their high-quality appearance and a simple design thanks to standardised elements and available 3D datasets. The parts are made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminium, thus creating smooth transitions, which makes it easier to clean the system. The ITAS components can be installed and removed easily, meaning that individual parts or pre-assembled assemblies can be transferred to cleanrooms. Thanks to the low weight of the aluminium elements, no load bearing equipment is needed either. The internal clamping system can be supplied in various custom materials on request – e.g. stainless steel.

For class 1 cleanrooms – in which sensitive components, such as semi-conductors, are manufactured – RK Rose+Krieger has the profile linear units of the RK Duoline clean series for automation tasks in the range. For cleanrooms in classes 5 to 9, the company supplies the Mulitilift II clean lifting column, a hygienic solution for ergonomic workstation systems. All components have been tested and certified accordingly as per EN ISO 14644-1.

For mechanical processing and packaging of food items, RK Rose+Krieger also supplies the E-II single-tube linear unit and the Robust Clamps tube connection elements in stainless steel. The company thus supplies robust, corrosion-resistant, wash-down solutions which meet the sector's hygiene requirements.

Stairs and working platform system


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