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NEW: Multilift II lifting column with internal carriage

Extension of the Multilift product range - lifting column with internal carriage

The new member of the Multilift II lifting column family is the ideal solution wherever a vertical adjusting movement is required in combination with a defined installation dimension. A distinctive feature of the lifting column is its constant-length design. Thus, the internal carriage of the lifting column is moved and the load guided on the side of the external profile. As a dual-column system, the lifting column with internal carriage, stroke lengths of up to 498 mm (special stroke lengths of 1000 mm max. are possible) and fixing slots in the external profile, is predestined for material lifting mechanisms next to a height-adjustable assembly workstation. When combined with the premium version of the MultiControl II quadro drive controller, all lifting columns can be moved individually, in parallel or synchronously using the controller's drive group management.


• Integrated limit switches

• Self-locking, even under max. load

• Lateral fixing slot in the external profile

• Hall sensor for position feedback


• Special stroke lengths and installation heights on request

• Multiple lifting columns can be moved in the BUS system (with synchronous control)

• Custom solutions on request


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  • RK Rose+Krieger GmbH