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Anti-Twist System for RK Light Clamps

Rotation locking for tube connectors made of plastic

RK Rose+Krieger has expanded its range of accessories for single-piece RK Light Clamps plastic tube connectors in the 30 mm size. When used with system configurations, the new Anti-Twist rotation locking system guarantees time savings in assembly and makes for simple adjustment of the construction.

Product benefits of the Anti-Twist System:

• Significant time saving in assembly

• Complex systems can be assembled by a single person

• Clips installed without tools

• Rotation locking in 90° steps

• Absorption of up to three times higher torsional moments

• Can be used with all closed plastic tube connectors with 30 diam.

Simple assembly, quick alignment, rotation-locked

The Anti-Twist System is particularly recommended for implementing extension arm constructions. In such applications, the light weight of plastic tube connectors is an advantage. However, in the past they have rarely been used because above a certain twisting moment, they slip on the aluminium tube. The new Anti-Twist System prevents such slippage, thereby stopping the construction from twisting, as it can absorb much higher moments than simple plastic connectors. This gives much greater scope for users to take advantage of the benefits of the lightweight single-piece RK Light Clamps. The system can be combined with any other 30mm component, making it ideal for use specifically in applications which require reliable prevention of rotation of the construction.

How the anti-twist system works


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