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Tube connectors for industrial staircases, railings and working platforms – PLAN AND ASSEMBLE ...IT'S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

Bernd Klöpper
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Industrial stairs and platforms – PLAN AND ASSEMBLE ...IT'S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

Connecting tubes which have been cut to size can be connected to one another using ITAS tube connectors made of cast aluminium via a simple plug-in principle. No further mechanical processing is necessary, which reduces assembly costs to a minimum. An internal clamping mechanism and the tightening of the special clamping screws guarantee a positive connection with smooth transitions, which are pleasant to the touch and also ensure enhanced safety – injuries due to getting caught up are an impossibility. The result is a simple and stable system which fulfils all safety guidelines.

Although the assembly time depends on the complexity of the respective construction, the time required is still considerably shorter compared to welded steel structures. The ITAS system also boasts extraordinary flexibility. Existing structures can be quickly modified, tube elements can be shortened easily and reconnected using the tube connectors.

No machining required, simply assemble and job done!

Connecting tubes easily without annoying transitions
Connecting tubes easily without annoying transitions

Tube inside clamping system for railings, stairs, platforms and pedestals

Railings, working platforms or pedestals ... the inside clamping system with RK tube connectors

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