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Customized laser for engraving nameplates

We present you a customized laser for engraving nameplates or small components

The system aims to mark plates with various layouts in automatic mode, i.e. without the operator working on the machine. The laser mounts a pre-established number of tag magazines, in this case four, but it is modular and implementable. Each magazine can hold up to approximately 400 tags. After marking, the plate is unloaded onto an unloading carousel which has 30 positions. The positions can be divided by type of plate via software programming. The unloading system allows you to keep the labels divided in a convenient and efficient way for the operator’s use.

Thanks to the customized software you can decide what to mark on each plate both individually and by job order. In a machine of this type, with four magazines, the work cycle time (excluding marking time) is approximately 15 seconds. Obviously considering label loading, marking positioning and unloading. The marking time varies depending on the amount of information to be entered. Thanks to this system it is possible to move 1600 plates in 6 hours, without operator intervention. For example, the laser can work automatically all night and the operator will find the tags, ready and sorted, the next morning.


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