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Bosch offers energy-efficient 12V water-circulating pump for modern heating systems

New water pump in a robust, compact design, ideal for hot-water circuits

Modern heating systems with heat pumps and compact hot-water tanks take up significantly less space in the house than conventional heating systems. In addition, they are typically very energy efficient. Bosch has taken its automotive water pump, which has proven itself millions of times over, and modified it for use as a water-circulating pump. Instead of the usual 230 volts in European household electricity, this pump operates at 12 volts. With a compact design and weighing only 550 grams, the pump also saves space, since it is integrated into the internal hot-water circuit. For example, it can be installed between the heat exchanger and the water storage tank. In addition, the new Bosch water pump is designed for connection to flexible hoses. In a compact complete system, this facilitates assembly using hose clamps or clips instead of the usual pipe mounting.


Low noise, high energy efficiency.

The Bosch water-circulating pump follows the trend in modern heating systems. Previously, such systems – most of which ran on oil or natural gas – were located in dark basement rooms, but modern heat-pump systems are found in brightly lit utility rooms. This places new demands on the design of today’s heating systems: they should save as much space as possible while still being visually appealing. Bosch’s compact 12-volt circulating pump is a good fit for such systems. The brushless pump, equipped with a robust ceramic shaft, is also impressively quiet in operation and includes a diagnostic and monitoring function that protects it from blocking, overheating, or dry running. With an energy efficiency index less than 0.21, it is also suitable for solar and battery applications where energy consumption is a key criterion. Stable control of the pump via a pulse-width modulation (PWM) signal ensures the volume flow is regulated as required, even at low pump speeds.


Bosch at the SPS industrial trade fair in Nuremberg.

An international industrial customer team of experienced Bosch engineers and technical experts will be on site at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg. They will be available to answer questions and project inquiries from November 14 to 16 in hall 1, booth 430.


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