Introducing MobiLase: The Industrial Fiber Laser Marker In A Suitcase

Rocklin Manufacturing
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Fiber Laser Marking. Anywhere.

We’re excited to introduce MobiLase – an all-in-one, fully mobile fiber laser marking unit housed in a 45-lb. (20 kg) rolling suitcase. While laser marking units are typically large, stationary machines, the lightweight MobiLase opens up a world of possibilities for industrial strength laser marking to be completed anywhere. With the MobiLase, laser marking can now be brought directly to the part instead of lugging parts to a laser marking station. This innovation eliminates costly downtime as well as investments in elaborate contraptions to mark large parts.

Featuring a powerful, 30-watt fiber laser and a large, 100 x 100 mm marking window, the MobiLase delivers fast and durable laser markings on nearly any material ranging from plastics to steel to precious metals, among many others. User-friendly software on the touchscreen PC embedded in the suitcase enables a wide range of easily programmable and potentially intricate markings, including numbers, letters, images, barcodes, logos, and more. The 7-lb. (3 kg) handheld applicator is equipped with a trigger to start marking when desired plus two bracket options for ease of marking on a variety of part shapes. These brackets also enable rapid focusing from a consistent, repeatable distance, which is further optimized by the laser pointer simulator.

The MobiLase laser source features up to a 100,000-hour marking lifetime and is fully supported out of Iowa (USA). We’re launching the MobiLase in North America at a special introductory price of $9900 USD.

For more information or to request your sample or demo throughout North America, please get in touch.

The All-In-One Industrial Fiber Laser Marking Unit in a Suitcase
The All-In-One Industrial Fiber Laser Marking Unit in a Suitcase

Portable Fiber Laser Marking

MobiLase Portable Fiber Laser Marking Unit

Laser Marking. Anywhere.

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