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Further developments for the optimization of mass finishing processes

Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH
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Investments in production and R&D for media and compounds

To meet the increasing demand for media and compounds Rösler is expanding its consumables production at its Untermerzbach location. Innovative developments in this field allow for the further optimization of various mass finishing processes.

When it comes to mass finishing Rösler is not only the global leader in equipment technologies, but with its media and compound program, it also sets new standards for process safety and cost efficiency. Thanks to their exceptionally high quality the demand for Rösler media and compounds has drastically increased.

Significant increase of the media production

In October 2017 we expanded the capacity of our plastic media production with a new production line. In spring 2018 we will commission another line that is equipped with the latest technological features. This will allow us to produce altogether total of seven production lines. To meet the increased demand we will also expand our production capacity for ceramic media in a brand new building. This new facility is scheduled to go into operation in the first quarter of 2019.

New media developments are expanding the range of applications

To open new fields in mass finishing technology, we are continuously adding new media types to our ceramic and plastic media portfolio, which already comprises of more than 15,000 different products. For example, this includes product and process development for impingement-free finishing of work pieces that have already undergone a final machining stage. To date this was not possible. Another important media type will allow the treatment of acetate-based plastic products without any embedded media grains in the work piece surface. This material is used for making ultra light, comfortable spectacle frames, for which mass finishing methods produce the perfect finishing touch. Until now urea media containing formaldehyde had to be utilized for creating finely structured, matte finishes with a bright surface. Rösler succeeded in developing a media type without formaldehyde that will achieve equally good surface finishes.

Improved cost efficiency with recycling compounds

Compounds fulfill important tasks during the mass finishing process. These include the discharge of contaminants like dirt and oil as well as metal and media fines from the mass finishing process. The cleaning of the contaminated process water takes place in centrifugal filters. The development of dedicated compounds that can be recycled back into the finishing process along with high performance centrifuges ensures that only solid particles and oil are removed from the process water. The compound remains in the process water and can be re-used without impairment of its functionality. Depending on the application, the uptime of the process water can range from four weeks up to a whole year. This helps reduce the compound consumption, not only resulting in lower operating costs but also producing an eco-friendly environment. In the meantime recycling compounds represent the majority of our compound range. This includes liquid compounds as well as grinding and polishing pastes containing abrasives. To facilitate their use we offer these pastes in powder form. They are also available as liquids allowing recycling and easy replenishment with special dosing pumps.

Knowledge center supports customers

Maintaining stable finishing processes, finding the right finishing method for new products, replacing products that must comply with REACH or GHS guidelines, auditing finishing processes for their cost efficiency – these are questions customers can present to our Rösler “compound knowledge center”. We will provide answers in close cooperation with our test lab and our media and compound specialists.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers. That is why we are investing in a modern compound production facility in a new building at our Untermerzbach location. The new facility allows us to increase our production capacity and automate the entire compound production. This includes a fully automatic mixing and filling station but also extends to warehousing and logistics. With these investments in media and compound production Rösler is taking further steps to optimize its customer service and provide the basis for further growth.

As international market leader Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH offers total solutions in the field of mass finishing and shot blasting, painting & preservation systems and mass finishing consumables. In addition, Rösler offers a broad spectrum of surface finishing technologies (deburring, descaling, desanding, polishing, surface grinding,…) for work pieces made from metal and other materials. Headquartered in Germany with plants in Untermerzbach/Memmelsdorf and Bad Staffelstein/Hausen, the Rösler group also maintains sales and manufacturing branches in Great Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Russia, Brazil, India, China and the United States.


A small excerpt from our extensive consumables program.

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