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Handles ES

High-grade stainless steel handles for universal use, fit together for any bore clearances. Particularly suitable also for the food industry.

Material and surface:

Handle shank made of precision casting; material no. 1.4408. Connecting tubes and fixing material made of stainless steel.

Connection tubes finish ground and brushed. Handle shanks glass blasted and electropolished with a half-matt finish.

Clamping and packing ring of silicon rubber in food quality. Long term temperature resis tance from -60°C to +200°C.

Design advantages:

Splash proof tube-shank connection. Additional tube clamping through allen set screw. Can be screwed on from front or behind. Easy to clean.

Standard screwing:

For screw attachment from in front or behind. Handle shanks including hexagon screws M8x25 DIN 933, nuts DIN 934 and washers DIN 125. Furthermore hexagon socket screws M6x6 DIN 913 for tube fixation just as clamping and packing rings.

Safety screwing:

For entrance doors, screwattachment from behind. Scope of supply same as standard version, however with cup square bolts M8x25 DIN 603.


Any desired handle lengths on request.

Stress resistance:

min. 1000 N.

Handles ES

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