Breaking force increase due to ICE-Bolt

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The completely new bolt quality, the 'ICE bolt', considerably increases the capacity of RUD lifting and lashing points.

The patented fine-grained steel guarantees highest static and dynamic strength with the smallest bolt diameter!

The fastening bolts of modern boltable lifting Points have to withstand extreme daily loads – in any direction.

This hardest forces on bending loads has safely to be accepted in terms of statics and dynamics – even under lowest temperatures and maximum heat. The patented material of the ICE chains has been predestinated for this safety-relevant challenge.

The ICE-Bolt was born and will in future replace all common bolts, meaning for the user: increased WLL or thinner bolt diameters, uncritical use with low temperatures up to -60 °C, increased toughness and thus increased bending strength; less wear and increased insensitivity versus hydrogen embrittlement.

Briefly summarized: maximum safety!

Breaking force increase due to ICE-Bolt