RuggON and Unication Announce New Partnership

RuggON Corporation
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The new partnership represents a milestone in the rugged tablet market.

Taipei, Taiwan, April 15, 2019—RuggON, an outstanding rugged computer provider, today announces a strategic partnership with Unication, a leading manufacturer of public safety pagers and two-way radios. With the new partnership, RuggON now takes the initiative to offer the first and only rugged tablet in the market that comes with Unication U3 dual-mode digital and analog radio which is specifically designed for first responders and military professionals.

Known for its one-to-many transmission function, a U3 radio can deliver texts, images, and GPS information to other U3 radios at real time. Together with U3 radio, RuggON tablet helps update vital information such as the team location or troop movement.

With RuggON tablet’s large viewing display, users can clearly read texts and images broadcasted from the U3 radio with ease and comfort in any ambient light conditions ranging from pitch darkness to direct sunlight.

RuggON executive director Sean Lee said, “First Response in emergency care has been gaining more awareness than ever. Every case is racing against the clock for a greater chance to save more lives. RuggON is proud to collaborate with our strategic partner- Unication to launch the industry’s first and only comprehensive instant response system for rescue, military and field GIS. The comprehensive instant response system can minimize the risk and assist emergency personnel to handle the task more efficiently.”

About RuggON

At RuggON, we never stop searching for inventive ways to meet the various integration and expansion demands of our customers. RuggON specializes in robust rugged mobile solutions that are highly competitive, with exceptional technical expertise. With a dedicated support and service team, we provide great flexibility and value to fulfill customers' specific needs in vertical markets. Our relentless pursuit and passion for ground-breaking innovation, coupled with our extensive industry knowledge, brings superb MIT (Made in Taiwan) quality and reliability to all of our customers.

RuggON is inspired to continuously exceed the expectations of clients with the kind of quick response and laser-sharp focus on shifting market demands that leads to lasting success.

About Unication

Unication is specialized in the development and manufacturing of advanced communications related products, such as voice pagers and two-way radio communications systems. Their products are specifically designed for the usage of emergency services, public safety and homeland security sectors.

Unication continuously seeks to provide faster, higher quality service than ever. This is their ultimate mission: to be a customer-driven company, striving to not only meet their customer’s expectations, but also exceed them.

RuggON and Unication Announce New Partnership

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