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Ground Support Casters and Aerospace Applications

RWM is proud to be one of the largest domestic manufacturers of heavy duty industrial caster and wheel products. At RWM the engineering is complex, but the goal is simple: to build unsurpassed performance, unmatched durability, unequaled longevity and unerring applicability... into every product we make. RWM Casters primary mission is to continue developing and manufacturing high value products, including those products capable of enduring heavy usage in the aerospace industry.

Our aerospace products are manufactured to endure heavy, every-day use. We have a wide variety of aerospace casters and wheels to choose from for nearly every application. Even applications that require custom products are an option with RWM. Many ergonomic options are available to add to our aerospace products. Some of these include: special finishes, sealed raceways, foot guards, sweeper brushes, and several different lock options.


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