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CargoMax: The Air Cargo Caster

RWM Casters
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RWM's CargoMax™ is the strongest, most durable air cargo caster on the market. CargoMax™ air cargo casters can take the heaviest blows from all types of cargo containers with the highest rated impact resistance in the industry. It outshines the competition in endurance with exclusive features such as three sealed precision bearings, protective guards, high-strength polymer wheels and a rivet-protecting water shield. The CargoMax™ caster also features a demountable foot guard built specifically for use on sorting decks. This foot guard provides safer equipment for the worker and ensures a more productive working environment on sortation decks. Some of the other main features include:

Precision Ball Bearing: All wheels and swivel

raceways have precision ball bearings for better

load distribution, strength in side thrust application,

and ease of mobility.

Dust Shield, Water Guard & Thread Guard:

Prevents wheel and swivel assembly from

becoming contaminated

Capacity: 500 lbs.

Finish: Zinc plated to protect against corrosion

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CargoMax: The Air Cargo Caster

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