VS 1522 Guillotine shears 2.0

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Electric/hydraulic guillotine shear

SafanDarley has recently developed and manufactured a special shear for a German company. This electric/hydraulic guillotine shear combines all of our experience and technical knowledge in the field of efficient sheet metal cutting. The result is a Shear that cuts strips of 13.5mm thick steel plate into different widths every 6 seconds.

This customer is a manufacturer of steel rims for passenger cars, trucks, etc. For the production of the rims, the company has developed a production method that ensures as little waste as possible to keep the price of the rims as low as possible. The VS 1522 shear is an important part of this production line and must therefore work reliably and accurately. It is essential that the shear cuts with high quality to ensure that no problems arise in the rest of the production line. The shear can cut up to 22mm thick steel plates with a length of 1500mm.

The basis of the special shear is the advanced hybrid drive. This consists of a servo-electronic motor and a hydraulic pump, a combination that results in a low-noise and energy-saving system. In addition, this shear has a number of advantages such as a programmable start position for the blade and the automatic X-axis compensation of the blade gap.

VS 1522 shear
VS 1522 shear

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