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Extension of product range with automatic tool changer

SafanDarley adds the E-Brake C 200T Ultra with Tool Mate to its press brake range.

With the addition of the Tool Mate, SafanDarley has a diverse and complete range of press brakes from conventional and semi-automatic to fully automatic bending cells. The Tool Mate is an external automatic tool changer and offers great time savings when producing small batches.

The servo-electric E-Brake C with 200T pressing force and a bending length of 4300 mm is built with a C-frame, to enable automatic tool changing.The Tool Mate is very intuitive and does not require extensive training. The execution of the tool changes is via the SafanDarley E-Control. The correct tool settings can be loaded and used directly on the machine from AutoPOL offline software (or other independent offline bending simulation software).

Intelligent tool configuration

With the high-precision changer, tools are placed exactly in the correct position. Due to the intelligent software, only necessary changes are made and tools from the previous tool set-up are reused. This achieves considerably shorter changeover times.

The tool storage magazine has a capacity of 32, 52 or 60 meters of tools. The rotation station allows the upper tools to be rotated 180 degrees, eliminating the need for a double tool set.

Automatic tool change for the H-Brake press brakes

The Tool Mate is unique in that it is suitable for the E-Brake C 200T and also for the H-Brake series up to 320T. Thus making it also suitable for the heavier machine segment.


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