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A UPS for facilities with great critical power

Salicru has launched onto the market its SLC X-PERT, a three-phase, online double conversion UPS with DSP control and compact design, which ensures a permanent, high-quality supply for facilities with great critical power protected by high functionalities.

The technology incorporated into this series offers one of the highest efficiencies on the market in VFI mode, reaching between 95 and 96% in normal mode and up to 97% in high-efficiency mode, in addition to an output power factor of 1 (VA=W), providing a very low total cost of ownership (TCO).

With power ratings ranging from 80 to 400 kVA, SLC X-PERT devices maximise the use of the area occupied thanks to their high power density design. Models from 200kVA have full front access, making maintenance simple because there is no need to keep space free to the side or rear. Another notable feature is its common battery option, which enables the series to extend its ability to deliver low footprint solutions, freeing space for other devices.

The SLC X-PERT series overcomes power failures, guaranteeing full power for critical environments such as data centres, IT networks, financial services, industrial processes, telecommunications and infrastructures, and ensuring their functionality and operation in a stable and permanent manner.


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