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Salicru builds a new logistics and distribution warehouse

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Our company is building a new warehouse next to its production centre in Santa María de Palautordera, Barcelona, with the aim of accommodating logistics, storage, inventory and distribution functions for its products. It is expected to begin operatin

With an initial spend of 2 million euros and the creation of 5 new jobs, the new building will have an area of 2,500 square metres and a capacity to house some 3,000 pallets with products ready for distribution to the national and international markets.

This new building will free up 900 square metres of the production centre, a space that will be used to expand its current industrial capacity. As a whole, Salicru’s facilities at its headquarters in Santa María de Palautordera occupy an area of 15,000 square metres, which include production, commercial, technical and corporate, as well as research and development, activities.

Salicru builds a new logistics and distribution warehouse

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