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SPS SOHO+, the ideal UPS for gamers

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One of the goals of the Salicru SPS SOHO+ series is to meet the specific demands and needs of gamers in their video games.

It is known that mid- or high-end gaming PCs are high-power devices that consume a lot of energy in order to offer maximum performance. They have state-of-the-art power supplies, processors and graphic cards to provide gamers with the best experience in their favourite games, along with a wide selection of peripherals and accessories. In short, they are high-performance devices that require a lot of hardware resources.

Apart from their wide power ranges (500 to 2,200 VA), the models in this series are ideal for the most demanding gamers due to their Line-interactive technology and their APFC (Active Power Factor Correction) functionalities, supporting the most demanding power sources and AVR (Buck/Boost), which correct fluctuations in the power supply and stabilize input voltage, two essential factors for the proper development of video games.

For all these reasons, Salicru’s SPS SOHO+ will allow gamers to enjoy their favourite games without fear of unexpected disconnections and losing the classification obtained or games played, guaranteeing maximum stability in the power supply while playing.

SPS SOHO+, the ideal UPS for gamers

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