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SALICRU UPSs for state schools in Andalusia (Spain)

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A total of 900 Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems from the SLC-2000-Twin R series have been supplied by Salicru to the Regional Government of Andalusia’s Department of Education. Their main purpose is to support and ensure mains electricity supply to the smart switch integrated into the data cabinets of Andalusia’s schools.

These data cabinets offer data management, safety and control functionalities to ensure proper use of education-related technologies. For its part, the smart data switch provides the connectivity necessary to interconnect the data cabinet with the rest of the school’s infrastructure, whether it be structured wiring, wireless or PLC.

The SLC TWIN R series is an On-line double-conversion UPS that features extensive communication options through its graphic display and ensures a secure power supply for all kinds of IT applications, such as voice and data networks, CAD/CAM, document management, unified communications (UC) and streaming video.

SALICRU UPSs for state schools in Andalusia (Spain)

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