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Improvements in the UPSs of the SPS ADVANCE range

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Salicru has strengthened its SPS ADVANCE range of UPSs with an upgrade of its RT2 series and the incorporation of the new T and R series. These new additions complement a range that stands out for its optimum levels of efficiency for critical devices

The range features line-interactive technology with sine-wave output to combat possible mains power fluctuations. Particularly notable among the features common to the three series are their APFC compatibility and permanent AVR stabilisation.

In terms of communications, the three series have an RS-232 interface and a smart slot that can either take an SNMP card, MODBUS or potential-free contacts; also available are software packages for monitoring and managing protected devices in Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

The features of the UPSs from the SPS ADVANCE range make them a highly versatile solution for protecting a wide variety of IT equipment, from entry-level and basic servers, through routers, switches, hubs, network devices and access points, to backup systems.

Improvements in the UPSs of the SPS ADVANCE range

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