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Supply of UPSs to solar parks in Mexico, Chile and Australia

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Solar parks are energy-generating facilities with which Salicru has collaborated for many years with the supply of different uninterruptible power sypply (UPS) series.

The latest emblematic projects that the company has worked on in this field are located in Aguascalientes (Mexico), Uribe (Chile) and Barcaldine (Australia).

Aguascalientes Photovoltaic Park, which is currently in its execution phase, will be the largest in Mexico and Latin America, and will supply power to more than 100,000 homes. To this facility, Salicru has distributed a total of 89 SLC CUBE3+ and 8 SLC ADAPT X systems.

The Uribe solar photovoltaic plant in northern Chile, which recently began operations, has 24 SLC CUBE3+ devices supplied by Salicru. And, finally, Barcaldine Solar Farm, a solar photovoltaic project located in the Australian town and locality of Barcaldine, recently acquired 10 of Salicru’s SLC CUBE3+ systems.

The main functionality of these UPSs will be to power the plant’s solar trackers, which are mechanical devices that orientate the photovoltaic panels in order to position them perpendicular to the sun and maximise incident solar radiation.

Salicru’s SLC CUBE3+ and SLC ADAPT X UPSs are high-performance devices that provide a reliable, high-quality power supply and, at the same time, achieve significant energy and financial savings in terms of installation and operating costs.  


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