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A new variable frequency drive for solar-powered water pumping

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Salicru has just launched the CV30-PV variable frequency drive onto the market.

Its main function is to pump water using the radiation captured by solar panels as an energy source. The solar light energy obtained is transformed into direct current which powers the drive, and this, in turn, powers a submersible pump using alternating current.

This functionality is extremely useful in locations that need a reliable, cost-effective water supply with a long service life and low maintenance costs. It is also environmentally friendly as it does not cause pollution or noise.

The main application of the CV30-PV drive is agricultural irrigation, either by accumulating water in a tank for subsequent use or by direct irrigation from a well, depending on the needs of the farm. Other applications include domestic consumption in isolated areas, livestock water supply, fish farming, municipal and forestry irrigation, and desert control.

The CV30-PV series boasts a wide range of models, with powers from 0.4 kW to 75 kW. It incorporates a number of innovative features such as its advanced MPPT algorithm that enables maximum power point tracking of solar panels with double PID control and 99% efficiency. There are also several optional modules, among them the BOOST MOD-320-PV, which enables the number of solar panels required to power the system to be greatly reduced, resulting in considerable financial savings and simplified installation.

A new variable frequency drive for solar-powered water pumping

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