Nurses' Day

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Sincerely thank every Nurse who protects the health of the people like Angel.

For the sake of people's health and safety, you gave up rest, ignored your family, dared not fear hardships, galloped on the battlefield, raced against time, and used your life to fight danger.

You are the patron saint of patients and the hope of the people. You are ordinary but remarkable. In this war without gunpowder, you are obliged to look back and rush to the front line, leaving the danger and pain to yourself, and leave the safety and happiness to the thousands of families .

Because of your selfless dedication, China's billions of people have achieved the defeat of this battle.

For the nurses who are still fighting on the front line over the whole world, thank you for your selfless dedication, and hope that the global epidemic will end as soon as possible !

Nurses' Day

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