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SANY large excavators are the best choice for the mining market in Brazil

Tracy Zhang
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SANY large excavators are the best choice for the mining market in Brazil

SANY products in Brazil showed power, resistance and efficiency to the customers. The main mining areas of Brazilians states can achieve more productivity using large excavators SY700H and SY750H. The machinery has mining working hours more efficient about 20% than other brands, a fuel consumption down by 10% and working in efficiency up by 8%. Besides, the strengthened working devices and wear-resistant bucket enhance 10% of the digging force, making the machines reliable enough to handle the mining work.In Brazil, cities like Itaituba/PA and Pocon/MT, where there are important mining areas, the large excavators of SANY has made a huge success with exceptional performance, reliability and economy and has impressed the SANY Extra's customers in the local market.

SANY Extra Group is Brazil's dealer leading in Brazil and has the best after sale of all regions. The group has more than thirty years of experience in heavy machinery sales and sold the first units of SY700H and SY750H excavator in the state of Mato Grosso and has been recognized with the 2016 Excellent After-Sales Service Supplier during an event held in November in China.A search conducted by the group with operators of SY700H and SY750H, they affirmed: "Sany product has advantages to work in points like high heavy duty, high efficient and low fuel consumption. When we compared with other brand, we can get more benefits." According Persio Briante, SANY Extra's leader, for Brazil it's being very important this segment and recognition and is a strategy to increase brand awareness of SANY.The products like of SY700H and SY750H can bring higher value and create a world-class brand for overseas customers.


SANY Brazil is committed meeting the demand of the Brazil market with high quality products and to make a contribution to Brazil's development.

SANY and the San Paulo state government signed a 200 million USD investment agreement in February 2010. To ensure meeting manufacturing commitments while building the park, SANY Brazil construction set up a production line in a rented factory. At the end of 2010, thanks to the collaborated effort of engineers and technicians from China and Brazil, the first excavator of Sany Brazil was successfully assembled in only a 10 day period.


SANY Group (SANY) is a leading global heavy machinery manufacturer with plants in the US, Germany, Brazil and India, and business covering over 100 countries and regions worldwide. The company has been recognized as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world, and its concrete machinery is ranked No. 1 globally.

The article was written by SANY's dealer in Brazil

SANY large excavators are the best choice for the mining market in Brazil

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