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ACDC Fan - 9AD - 120x25

The Highest Static Pressure and Airflow in the industry

1. High Static Pressure and High Airflow

This fan delivers a maximum static pressure of 62 Pa and a maximum airflow of 2.35 m3/min.

2. Long Life

The expected life has increased by 2.4 times compared with our current model.

3. Wide Operating Voltage Range

This fan has an input voltage range of 100 to 240 VAC, supporting both 100 and 200 VAC systems.

4. Low Noise and Energy Saving

The PWM control enables the control of fan speed, contributing to lowering noise and improving energy efficiency of equipment.


  • 11 Rue Ferdinand de Lesseps, 95190 Goussainville, France
  • Sanyo Denki Europe S.A.

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