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Satisloh Shifts Coating Paradigm with New Technology

Revolutionary Film Lamination Process

The company’s revolutionary film lamination process overcomes the challenges of adding in-house coating: needed space; large investment; and highly skilled staff. With a plethora of benefits, the new technology changes the way labs approach hard and AR coating.

The perfect alternative to conventional coating:

- Fast processing: Continuous flow production with ultra-short processing times! Coated lenses in ONLY 15 MINUTES per pair - 10 TIMES FASTER than conventional coating. Laminate UP TO 200 LENSES in an 8-hour shift.

- Simple to operate: The Film Lamination Line is extremely easy to use, so only minimal operator training is needed. The complete cell is easily installed and requires minimal maintenance, enabling higher uptime.

- Fits anywhere: The entire Film Lamination production cell has an extremely compact footprint needing only 5 m2 / 54 ft2 and can be placed wherever your lab has room.

- Cost effective: Affordable in-house coating for EVERY lab. Investments are LESS THAN 1/3 of a conventional coating lab.

- Green: No hazardous materials in your lab, making it safer for your staff and simplifying waste management. Energy and water consumption are much lower than with conventional coating.

Satisloh Shifts Coating Paradigm with New Technology


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