Reliable, robust solutions for the machine tool industry and many others!

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Extensive technical advantages

MONORAIL BM guideways offer extensive technical advantages for many applications:

• High rigidity and load carrying capacity in all directions with quiet, low-vibration and low-friction running

• Speeds up to 5m/s, acceleration up to 100m/s2

• Large selection of carriage and rail types for a wide range of applications

• Four accuracy and preload classes

• Extended service life with low-cost maintenance

• Accessories and options such as integrated distance measuring system or integrated gear racks

Reliable, robust solution

These extraordinary characteristics, together with a high degree of cost-effectiveness, are the hallmarks of the MONORAIL BM ball guideway from SCHNEEBERGER. The guideways are supplied in one-piece lengths of up to 6 meters. MONORAIL BM guideways, available in sizes BM 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45, are reliable and robust solutions for various industrial applications. For medical technology, the semiconductor industry, laboratory automation, measuring technology, automation, robotics, the optics industry and, of course, the machine tool industry.

Distance measuring systems, profiled guideways with integrated rack and pinion drive, accessories

For measurements close to the work process, MONORAIL BM guideways are available with the integrated AMSA, AMSABS and AMSD distance measuring systems. Moreover, with the MONORAIL BZ, the additional advantages of a high-precision rack and pinion drive are integrated.

Further accessories such as bellows, additional wipers, lubrication plates and many others are also available at any time if needed.

Minimal maintenance - long service life

The guide carriages of the MONORAIL BM linear bearing are equipped as standard with longitudinal and cross wipers. This efficient sealing prevents the penetration of dirt and minimizes loss of lubricant. This results in a long service life with minimal maintenance, optimally adapted to the installation location.

Stainless steel for special requirements

MONORAIL BM guideways are available with different corrosion-protection coatings. The MONORAIL BM WR/SR guideways were specifically developed with stainless steel for applications where standard coatings reach their limits. These are then used when the emission of particles in processes is undesirable or the performance is affected by corrosion.

MONORAIL BM guideways are the right solution for your application area as well!



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