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NEW: thermal camera by SCOTT SAFETY EMEA

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​The three-button X380 thermal imager powered by ISG technology offers superior image quality and user-friendly controls to provide durability and reliability on the fire ground

Three buttons on the front panel control hot and cold spot tracker, on/off and 2X and 4X zoom.Product enhancements include:Hot Spot Tracker – Immediately identify the hottest part of the scene and determine the true seat of the fire within a fully colourised area to improve decision-making capabilities. Ideal for overhaul, search and rescue, and risk assessment.Cold Spot Tracker – Locate and pinpoint thread or valve gas leaks in seconds. Cold spot tracker can also be used in hazmat environments to monitor the temperature of chemicals during fire suppression.High Resolution Imaging – Actively read temperature with the highest pixel resolution (384 x 288) and fastest refresh rate available, guaranteeing the clearest image is delivered at all times. Tactical Colour – Achieve crisp, clear image performance in temperatures above 2000°F. As the temperature increases, colours grow in intensity from grey, yellow, orange, to red. Unique transparent colour capability enables firefighters to see structure through the colorization.

NEW: thermal camera by SCOTT SAFETY EMEA

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