LUBExpert Implementation - Part 3

Haris Trobradović
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The Right Team

"Environment Shapes Behavior"​, Jacque Fresco

If, by now, you got the big picture and right mindset, it is time to gather the right team. It would be nice to write here that it is all ok and easy -- nothing to worry about -- but that would not be true. There is a lot to worry about, a lot of things can go wrong, and it is far from easy. Honestly, it can be a nightmare. Engineers are trained to work with machines and technologies and that works just fine. But now it is about people and that requires an entirely different set of skills. Not much of it is measurable, not much of it is tangible, and almost nothing is predictable. It is about people, their emotions, motivation, personal interests, personal life .. and, let us be honest, engineers are rarely trained to deal with that. Mistakes done at this stage can ruin even the best strategies and plans in no time. The frustration may drive you to the point of giving up. It happened, it is happening, and it will happen in future.

LUBExpert Implementation - Part 3

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